Lost Ark Guide: Prioritize Combat Stats vs Engravings on Jewelry and why

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Now, let's quickly go over each step so the stats increase. For example, attack speed movement cooled down linearly. So each point of your stat will give you the same amount of the effect. If you want to know how much you can get from a thousand crit stack, you can multiply it by a thousand. Each point of crit will give you this great chance. 






So specialization is something that's trickiest. It depends on what classes you're playing. For example, if you're playing demon form shadow hunter, if you're playing igniter sorcerers, if you're playing surge, dead weight, pretty much anything that heavily depends on you charging the meter to a full to do the most of the damage to transform into something else you will want specialization over anything else because just, for example, demon hunter specialization. If you have a thousand points into it, it will make you charge a meter 71 percent faster.


It will make the duration of your transformation 42 longer, making all the damage you do in the change 86 percent higher. So all three of these multiply the effectiveness of your transformation repeatedly. 




That makes it so compelling that you want specialization over anything else for classes that fully utilize these stats for the majority of the classes, such as berserker reflux sorcerers. We don't need discipline. That leaves us if we're dps with swiftness and crit. If you have a base crit multiplier of 200, which every class does, but some classes run other things like king blunt, for example, that will increase the crit damage by 50, raise it to 250, messes with math a little bit.


If nothing changes, you create damage. But from almost every class, crit damage would mean that each percent crit chance will give you a one percent dps increase. So this is very easy to calculate because of this. We also know that we will need 28 points into the crypt to get one percent of the crit chance. So 28 points in the will give us a one percent dps increase now for swiftness. 




This is slightly more complicated because it is hard to calculate precisely how much more damage you get out of the attack, speed, and movement speed because most of the time, we're limited by our cooldowns because skills will do the majority of the damage that your class can do now.


If we look at cooldown reduction, it doesn't scale linearly based on the decline. The actual dps increase from how often you can use the skill will scale differently. So if you have 20 cooldown reductions, you can use the skill 25. If you have a 40 cooldown reduction, you can use the skill 65 more often, so the most straightforward technique to contemplate is that the extra you stack the swiftness and cooldown reduction, the more effective it is now. It's hard to calculate the exact number. Still, I estimated it uh, based on how many attacks, speed, and movement will help you reposition and save your time. So roughly, you can translate around 30.66 points into swiftness. Things like that will give you a one percent dps increase. So if we look at it like this, they are very similar in terms of the effect that gives you, so if you are a class that runs either or swiftness, it depends on your play style or whether or not you can have too much crit from everything else.



Domination Expertise Endurance

So these two are pretty comparable in terms of stats, domination, endurance, and expertise. Now, almost no one runs this because of domination expertise. Even though it looks perfect, damage to push or staggered targets will increase by a significant amount. If we look at the percentage, it's way better in swiftness or trip, but the problem is the debuffs that are talking about are actually about. Stun freeze, electrocute, or push will be knocked up or down. They do not work on bosses or raid guardians and things like that, so domination will not help you in most of the content that you run expertise. It's the same problem because you can't apply those stuns debuffs on the bosses. It's not going to help! You much at all now. Endurance is potentially suitable for support, but most support off to have more cooldown reduction to span the sports skills better. 



Combat Stat VS Engravings

But if you need the defenses on proper support, it is okay to have some endurance questions that I get asked. Should you prioritize the correct combat stats, or should you prioritize the appropriate engravings? Would the price be high if you were to shop for something perfect for your class having the crit mayhem, three, and Kirsten 3? A lot is, if you're buying, say, a legendary accessory in tier 3. If you drop either the doll um or the crit as a search requirement, you can get the same piece for almost dirt cheap. So say we don't look for crit. You can get Lost Ark anything like this for 25, gold, or even more affordable. The same thing is: if you drop the other one, you could drop the engraving, which is that one.


You can still have a primary uh stat of mayhem three, but you're going to get crit and not have engraving. You can pick up the pieces like this also exceptionally cheaply. Some people ask which one you should sacrifice if you have to offer it for budget reasons.



TLDR Stat Vs Engravings

So the TLDR is if you don't want to watch the rest of the guide: it is always better mathematically to focus on having the correct stats. So if you don't have the right stats, the engravings won't help you as much now that we have these numbers. 



The math behind Stat VS Engravings

We can translate this into the stats we get from pieces of jewelry. So on the necklace, we get roughly 850 stacks on a legendary tier 3 piece of jewelry on a legendary tier 3, legendary earring. We're going to get approximately 240 on a ring. That's roughly 160. So because we know how much dps increase these stats translate into. We can take a look and see that having the correct stats on these pieces versus having the wrong stats, such as if you have the expertise, domination, and endurance. Even if you have perfect engravings, you will miss out on these damage increases because of this stat. Your necklace will give us a 26 dps increase because of the earring. We will get a 16 damage increase because of a ring on the correct stats.


We're going to have an 11 dps increase, so that will give us roughly 53 increase damage. If we have all the correct stats, so say, instead of having a cursed doll, all 15 points, I would not have it or have a grudge of 15 points. I end up not having this, so the only difference that engraving will make is the 16 to 20 percent at most. So, as you can see, it's much better to focus on having the correct stats to maximize how effective your character is.




This was very requested both on the polls I put in the community and just from people asking me- and I hope this is interesting—information and helpful to some of you. 

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